Here is a quick cheat sheet with all of the codes that used to be on the back of a Illinois Driver’s Abstract that you can get from the Secretary of State for $12.00 as of this writing.


Here is the Request form.

0102 Mandatory RevocationDiscretionary Revocation
03 Discretionary Suspension
04 Safety Responsibility Suspension
05 Financial Responsibility Suspension
06 Unsatisfied Judgment Suspension
07 Parking Ticket / Tollway Suspension
08 Cancellation of License
09 Failure to Appear Suspension
10 Amended Order Issued
11 SR 22 Insurance Filed
12 Cited for Examination
14 Collision Involving Property Damage
16 Collision Involving Fatal Injury
17 Statutory Summary Suspension
18 Vehicle Emissions Suspension
19 Collision Involving Personal Injury
20 Rescind Order
27 License Surrendered to Another State
28 Reported Deceased
29 Clearance of Failure to Appear Suspension
32 Denial of Restricted Driving Permit
33 Denial of License
34 Extension of Revocation
35 Extension of Suspension
37 Extension of Statutory Summary Suspension
40 Formal Hearing
41 CDL Disqualification Hearing
43 D.C.F.S. Child Care Driver
45 Suspension/Cancellation of School Bus Permit
46 Religious Organization Bus or Senior Citizen Transportation Driver
47 Financial Responsibility Future Proof Required
48 Public School Bus Driver or High School Driver Instructor
49 Certification Safety Officer or Commercial Driver Instructor
50 Informal Conference Held
52 Show Cause Hearing Recommended Action

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52 Show Cause Hearing Recommended Action
53 Show Cause Hearing Recommended No Action
55 Driver Remedial Program-Supervision
58 Clearance of Auto Emission Suspension
60 Warning Letter Issued
65 DL/ID Application Data
70 Family Financial Responsibility Permit
71 Probationary Permit, Temporary Instruction Permit or DL
72 Clearance of Parking/Tollway Suspension
78 Restricted / Occupational Driving Permit
79 Judicial Driving Permit Issued
80 Out-of-State Accident
82 Out-of-State Conviction (DL and/or CDL Sanctions Imposed)
83 Out-of-State Conviction (Immediate Action)
84 Financial Responsibility Future Proof Filings Completed
85 Out-of-State Conviction (No Points Assigned)
87 Out-of-State Conviction (Points Assigned)
89 Out-of-State Withdrawal
93 Immediate Action Bond Forfeiture (No Points Assigned)
94 Immediate Action Conviction (No Points Assigned)
95 Bond Forfeiture (No Points Assigned)
96 Conviction (No Points Assigned)
97 Bond Forfeiture (Points Assigned)
99 Conviction (Points Assigned)
AV Abandoned Vehicle / Failure to Pay
IV Invalidation of License or Permit
DN Denial of License or Permit
DQ Disqualification
EZ Extension of Zero Tolerance Suspension
FP Failure to Pay Court-Imposed Fine
FR Family Financial Responsibility Suspension
MC Mandatory Insurance Suspension
OS Out of Service
SC Supervision Conviction (When Offense Committed in a CMV)
ZT Zero Tolerance Suspension